To build up an attitude of love and fellowship by taking part in the social welfare services among the poor and needy children.

To enhance the economic activities of the country by taking up the development projects in the country’s welfare.

To mentally encourage the youth communities of the country toward social and economic activities for the welfare of themselves and their society.

To take up selective development projects according to the development policies formulated by the government.

To extend our hearts and hands for service to help with cooperation for the relief and rehabilitation of the distressed humanity at the time of natural disasters and crisis in Bangladesh.

To take up educational programs with a view to expanding education among the poor people, establishing educational institutions in rural areas and attracting the illiterate adults to literacy.

To enhance enthusiasm for collective development among the landless, disadvantaged, poor, young, women, and children and to help them to be self-reliant.

To help use the unemployed youths in production-oriented activities, provide them with different types of vocational education, and draw their attention to the cottage/small businesses in an effort to support themselves.